Why wood pellet machine have noise?

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Why wood pellet machine have noise?

The main factors of wood pellet machine have noise is as follows:

The material walks is not stable, should adjust the feed rate. Deflection scraper wear cause feeding is not average, should change a new scraper;

Pellet machine’s ring die and roller pressure is old and new collocation, the best is new ring die to match the new roller;

The clearance between the ring die and roller cause produced material is disharmony, need to adjust roll’s clearance;

The formula ratio used is difficult granulating, appropriate adjustment formula is needed;

There is abnormal when lack of pressure of the steam supply, look over the steam pipeline and the system pressure and pressure relief valve whether is normal;

If debris inside the granulation warehouse, clean up the granulation warehouse debris;

If the spindle bearings to wear and tear, we need to change the bearings.

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