Why Biomass Pellets and Briquettes Are Developing in All-time?

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Before I begin this article, I would like to thank for your attention on biomass pellets. Of course, your concern is sensible. A slew of recent papers pinpoint that biomass pellets have been widely used as clean fuel.  

Biomass pellets are generally high-class fuel when compared to their raw materials. Not only the pellets contain more energy in dense, but also they are much easier to handle and use in automated feed systems. Beside the foregoing, no hurt to our common environment is another major reason they are attracting more and more people’s interests.

Here, let’s probe into the destined course of biomass pellets together.

Phase 1: Original Biomass Fuel
As we all know, biomass, such as bush, fallen leaves, firewood and other woody materials, was always the main fuel for the survival of mankind. However, why are they declining gradually? If you have researched energy history, there will be easily found a plenty of answers.   
With the development of science and technology, biomass was not able to adapt the fast change of our life-style in time. Since the Industry Revolution, people realized that technology indeed catered for daily life. At that time, a good life quality had already been people’s purse. Therefore, original biomass had to quit from his pity market.

Phase 2: Fossil Fuel
It has been commonly accepted that fossil fuel always includes coal, fossil oil and natural gas. In fact, due to the large demand fuel to use, fossil fuel promoted global development rapidly at one time.
Although fossil oil makes up the natural weakness of biomass, we can’t make them over dependent. It is soberly aware that fossil fuel is not persistent. Meanwhile, immoderate action to consume fossil fuel will give rise to greenhouse and acid rain. Nowadays, most countries have put their attention on how to reduce fossil fuel consumption in a large scale.

Phase 3: Pioneer Biomass Compression Technology
During industrial revolution period, demand for fuel is quite large. Some sensible scientists began to explore how to improve biomass fuel performance by compression.
To name just two. As early as in 1880, William Srruth, an American, invented one topping patent called biomass compression technology, which was the earliest recorded for further development of biomass. In addition, in 1945, a Japanese devised the first biomass screw extruder. Both them are the foremost machines in biomass compression.
Their products was also convenient to transport and storage. Of course, they offset the shortcoming of original biomass. Arguably, it is obvious that the final processed biomass could meet people’s need. However, why these clever machines got only a little attention? That was attributed to fossil fuel. At that time, people had lost themselves in lip-deep convenience of fossil fuel. Enjoying the cosy life from fossil fuel, they ignored biomass compression technology.
Or we can say that biomass compression technology was born in a wrong epoch.

Phase 4: Biomass Pellet Fuel
After 200 year’s powerful existence, fossil fuel tends to be exhausted. It has been reported that fossil fuel reserves on the earth can be used only for 46 years in the future, natural gas for 58 years, and coal for 118 years. What a severe situation!
And accompanied by EI Nino phenomenon, which comes from overmuch carbon dioxide emission, more and more dazzling words are swarming into our our view. Especially we contemporary are really experiencing the greenhouse plight. All of these above are the fault of over consuming of fossil fuel.
Yes, it is high time that biomass pellet mills board on the stage. They fully deserve the gospel of our earth. Popular as they are, I would like to expound their basic advantages as following:

1. Omnipresent raw materials, such as agricultural waste and other woody stuff.2. Processing course is simple and easy to operate.
 Less harmful gas emission.
2.  It is convenient to fill your fireplace with biomass pellets.
3.  Biomass pellets have a high heating value, even superior to coal.
4.  There is hardly any ash of biomass pellet fuel.
The above is not all-sided benefits. Biomass pellets have been used as fuel in more and more fields, there is no doubt that their demand is ready to soar. Increasing people have Thus, do not hesitate to join us. For you, for our earth, and for everyone.

In conclusion, the history has witnessed the biomass pellet trend, reflecting the coming blossom. Now biomass pellets are developing in all-time. We have every reason to believe that biomass pellet fuel has a booming market, and will always be prosperous in the near future.

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