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Pellet fuel market in world market

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Pellet fuel market in world market


Biomass pellet market has been developed for many decades. The dominating market of biomass pellet fuel goes to the Europe and North America. EU is known to be the biggest wood pellet producer all over the world. Although the pellet plants in EU are in small or medium scale compared with pellet plant in North America, however, most of the main pellet producing countries have a considerable demand for wood pellet, which is used for domestic heating production. The increasing demand for wood pellets has promoted the development of the pellet plant in return. 
New pellet plant projects were announced in the US, with almost 1,5 million tons of pellets produced to be shipped in Europe in the next years. UK started to construct two pellet plants, one is located in Louisiana and the other in Mississippi with a joint capacity of 900,000 tons per year. Also a pellet plant in Canada has already started pellet production in August, the production of which will reach 120,000 tons per year.

The EU countries are the biggest pellet fuel consumers in the world, and they are also the primary region for production of pellet fuel. The production accounts for 50% of the global consumption, the production for consumption account for almost 70% of the global market. In 2013, the amount of consumption in EU is 175 million ton, and it has become the biggest sawdust pellet consumption market in the world.

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