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information about Carbonization furnace from Yinhao machinery

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information about Carbonization furnace from Yinhao machinery

The carbonization furnace for charcoal is widely used, and the raw materials are waste wood, saw dust, crop straws, rice husks, bamboo shavings, pine wood, willow wood, bamboo etc. The final product is artificial carbon, which owns fixed higher carbon content (about 90%). Compared with the general coal, its carbon content is twice as much as that of the general carbon. The machine adopts the latest technology and reasonable structure, which increases the carbonizing ratio and shorten the carbonizing time. The working process is as follows:

1. Use the material reclaimer machine to collect the raw material into the measuring conveyor.

2. The dispersion foggy device in the timber dryer pre- dries out the raw material and the raw material freely falls inside the carbonization machine and be dried out for the second time.

3. Then the raw material falls into the outside bin of the machine and starts the high temperature pyrolysis, sulfur emission, flue gas volatile, carbon focused carbide process.

4. The carbide will be discharged by the water-cool conveyor, and the rest hot flue gas and heat will be suffered desulfurization process and smoke abatement process

5. The smoke abatement and desulfurization steam will be cooled by the condenser and led to the recycle water pool.

Features Of Charcoal Carbonization Machine:

1. Double-layer design makes the lower part of the machine contact the hot air as much as possible,  thus this design is helpful to raise the heat utilization efficiency from the beginning.

2. The heating is used fully in the whole process of operation,  so the heat use ratio of our equipment is over 85% under the inspection of related institutes.

3. Our machine can be designed according to customers’ local cheap fuel, so our clients can save cost and achieve the virtuous circle at the same time.

4. It only uses one hot air source in the whole process, therefore, the production cost in the whole process is lower.

information about Carbonization furnace from Yinhao machinery

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