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why some people choose Choose Ring Die Wood Pellet Making Machine?

Author:Admin Views: Modified date:2016/07/14

The ring die wood pellet making machine is suitable for a variety of raw materials of  ring die wood pellet making machine. There are a lot of raw materials can be used:
Sawdust ,wood logs, wood chips, waste wood, bark ,rice husk, coconut slag,  olive slag, grassiness, bamboo, bagasse, paper, cassava, peanut shell ,corn cob, weed, wood branches, leaves, crop straw (rice straw, wheat straw, corn stalks, sorghum stalk, soybean stalk, cotton stalk, grape straw, peanut seedlings, and sunflower stalk), wood waste, scobs, branch, palm tree, sugarcane residue, sawdust, medical slag, hay, discarded edible fungus bags and so on.

Ring die wood pellet making machine is an efficient centrifugal biomass pellet making machine which absorbs the quintessence of various pellet mills both at home and abroad.  The ring die wood pellet making machine is high output, low consumption and noise, better stability and lower fault rates, Fatigue resistance is strong, continuous production, economy and durability. Ring die wood pellet making machine is our initiative patent products in China through meticulous research and development, supplying the gap of vertical feeding ring-die pellet mill at home, reaches the international advanced level.

Due to the material of raw materials and granulating machine model is different, can produce different particle diameter size, you can choose ring die wood pellet making machine according to your needs you want pellet machine.

if you are interested in our ring die pellet mill,you can

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