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Which parts of the pellet mill is the most easy to get worn

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 Which parts of the pellet mill is the most easy to get worn ?

Pellet machines are often used to make the raw materials into the required particles, it has the characteristics of easy to disassemble, easy to clean and so on. We need to always pay attention to the easy to wear components when in use, if you find that there are undesirable components should be replaced in time to ensure good working effect of the whole machine. So what elements of our pellet machine is most easy to get worn?

Ring die as a key component of the pellet machine, we need to attach great importance to it. Also it is the most easy to wear and tear of components.
420 ring die life in the general is about800-1000 tons of wood particles. Roll shell is easy to wear components, it’s life is one-fifth of a ring mold life. Pressure roller bearings are also easy to wear, usually to do proper maintenance.

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