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A Wide Market of Grass Pellet Mills

Author:Admin Views: Modified date:2016/06/29

Usually, these resources are burned in bulk, but the truth is that the heat efficiency in this way can not reach 20%.While the heat efficiency in burning pellets can increase to 40%, which largely improves the heat efficiency and saves the energy a lot. That is the reason why grass pellet mills are so popular in recent years.

Grass pellet mills adopt advanced molding technology, thus can increase the forming rate of grass pellets. The large feeder room provides ample feeding space for fluffy materials. Weight feeding mode is efficient and practical. The key parts adopt imported material, so it has a long service life. The maintenance of parts that are easily damaged is simple and convenient. Extended life of key components save much trouble in the whole operation process. Therefore the capacity gets improved while the cost reduces.

Next, we will make an analysis of the practical factors,such as the raw material, the advantages. Grass is common materials and renewable. Using grass pellets as fuel can replace the traditional energy and relieve the shortage of fossil energies. What is more, they are clean and environmental-friendly and help reduce the greenhouse gas.They are easily stored and transported, also widely used for large scale production in fuel industries.

By now, grass pellets are used as fuel for cooking in rural areas.In urban areas,They are used for heating boilers and providing heat. They can also be used in further processing industries. Given that grass pellet mills are so popular, we are sure they will obtain a wider market.
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