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Why Choose Feed Pellet Mill

Author:Admin Views: Modified date:2016/06/07

Nowadays, it has become a tendency that the traditional feed is gradually displaced by feed pellets which is produced by feed pellet mill with the material of grains like corn, wheat(do not need crush) and the crushed waste from agriculture, for example, corn straw, groundnut shell, grass, wheat bran, sawdust, and animal manure and so on. They can be pressed into feedstuffs for many kinds of animals. Why do so many culturists choose feed pellet mill and what are the advantages of feed pellets?
1. Avoid animal's picky on food. Feed pellets are made of various raw materials, thus comprehensive nutrition is ensured, which helps prevent the animal from picking their favorite food and refusing to eat certain food.
2. High feed conversion rate. In granulating process, some physical and chemical reaction will occur in the feed which can make the starch gelatinized and enhance the activity of enzyme under the influence of the moisture content, temperature and pressure. Thus the animal can digest food more effectively and put on weight. Compared with traditional feed, feeding birds and pigs with feed pellets can improve the feed conversion rate to 10%-12%.
3. More economic storage and transportation. Generally, after granulating, the bulk density of feed will increase by 40%-100% which can reduce the volume of stock bin and save transportation cost.
4. Good fluidity and convenient for manage. Many powder feed or feed with molasses, high fat or urea often adheres to the surface of the stock bin; while feed pellets can avoid such kind of problem due to its fluidity, so they are increasingly popular among the breeding production.
5. Kill salmonella in the animal feed. When producing feed pellets, salmonella in the animal feed can be killed as a result of the high temperature and press generated by the feed pellet machine.
More and more people have realized the above advantages of feed pellets. They are economical and practical with low investment and high return. Therefore, the application of feed pellet mill has become more and more common.


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