Pellet Machine ship to Greece

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Pellet Machine ship to Greece

pellet machine ship to Greece.

Ring die pellet mill is originally designed to process feed stuff. Later on, it is also applied to make wood pellets to cater for customer demand and energy crisis. Due to its simple structure, small area coverage, low consumption and competitive price, Ring die pellet mill is more suitable for small scale industrial production and home use. The electric ring die pellet mill is featured with low noise, low energy consumption and high flexibility.

Electric Ring Die Pellet Mill Working Principle
There are two different working ways of ring die pellet mill: The first one is stationery template with a set of rotating rollers, our ring die pellet mill for making biomass pellets is of this design; the other is stationery rollers with a moving template, our ring die feed pellet mill is of this design. Adopting vertical principle, raw material drops down into the working chamber depending on its own weight. When falling into this area, materials will naturally be compressed into pellet form between rollers and die through the die holes.

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