machines for wood pellets

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machines for wood pellets


This sawdust pellet making line can produce 0.8-1 tons of 6/8mm diameter pellets by using wood chips or sawdust from wood processing factory as raw material, the core part of this line is 1 set of YHW-550 efficient centrifugal pellet mill.

The whole process steps: 1. Wood chips/sawdust drying; 2. Grinding; 3. Pelletizing; 4. Cooling; 5. Sieving; 6. Dust collecting; 8. Packing. Each standalone machine will design and manufacture in accordance to the demands of clients. Installation will be carried out and guided by our professional technician.

The entire sawdust pelleting equipments:

• Wood Chips/Sawdust Dryer (reduce the raw material’s moisture to a suitable level for pelletizing);
• Hammer Mill (grind the small pieces of wood into nearly powdery form for easy pelletizing);
• Pellet Mill (process raw material into pellets);
• Cooler (cool down the output pellets to avoid accumulation of heat that may destroy pellets);
• Sieving (remove the dusts and crushed pellets);
• Packing (pack the pellets into bags of required sizes);
• Electric Cabinet (control equipments).

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