The History of Ring Die Pellet Mill

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Human being has a history of making pellets over centuries. In the early 1970s, China has initiated the technology of making pellets for animal feed, and that’s how pellet mills come into being in China.

To meet the demand of rapid development of industries, the technology in making pellet mills is also improving. In the past years, the pellet mill for making feed pellets is the flat die pellet mill. However, this pattern of pellet mill is not suitable for large-scale production. It all makes sense, the ring die pellet mill is invented with the features of handling large capability and more durability.

The ring die pellet mill, firstly created in China; however, after the introduction of ring die pellet machine into Europe, and as the rapidly improvement of pelletizing technology, it is ultimately evolved into European patent. Before the Europeans import ring die pellet machine from China, they applied flat die pellet mills to perform animal feed.

As we all know, ring die pellet mills are widely used to make feed pellets which can be more efficient than flat die pellet mills, therefore ring die pellet mill machines became increasingly popular on the earth.After adopting the reform and open policy, China has begun to introduce ring die pelletizing mills on a large scale.

Now, simply because of its large output, less power consumption and high efficient, the ring die pellet machine mill has become the best option both domestic and overseas.

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